Kitchen Revolution


You're about to get involved with an abolitionist pyramid scheme where you can receive little more than the following benefits:

You will not be receiving cash or prizes in the mail... not even an I-pod shuffle. On the other hand, if you put in an extraordinary effort and ask nicely, the leadership of EVA may or may not feel inclined to mail you a sticker.

If you still feel like proceeding, here's how it works:

  1. Contact us! If you are new to the abolition movement or would feel more comfortable having someone who is familiar with the issue offer some leadership, we'll do what we can to facilitate that. Our email address is
  2. Download a copy of our letter to support the abolition of prostitution in Canada and print off 15 copies. If you are a member of EVA, please feel free to contact us and we can send a printable EVA letterhead to your e-mail for your own handwritten letter.
  3. Invite 5 friends/ family members/ members of your community to your house or public location of your choice. Try to pick people from your community that are socially aware and will be inclined to be a voice on this issue in the future.
  4. Use the EVA resources to explain to your 5 contacts why it is important to attempt to ABOLISH prostitution by adopting the "Nordic Model" rather than reinforce it through the full criminalization, full decriminalization, or legalization of prostitution.
  5. Have each of your 5 contacts fill out or handwrite our letter to their MP, The Justice Minister of Canada and the Prime Minister's office. Make sure to have pens and blank paper in case your contacts would like to write their letters by hand. Politicians are often more responsive to handwritten letters.
  6. Provide your 5 contacts with envelopes for their letters and address them to their MP, Justice Minister and the Prime Ministers Office on Parliament Hill
  7. Collect the letters and write "FREE" where you would normally put a stamp. It is free in Canada to write to your politicians. Commit to putting all the letters in the mail yourself if possible.
  8. Direct your contacts to the EVA website and ask them to hold a meeting with 5 members of their community using these 8 steps within the month (time limits are a good motivation for people)

Keep in mind that sometimes people like to do more research before they attach their name to a politically charged issue. We ask that you be respectful of this. Let them take the letter and supplies home so that they can send it themselves when they feel adequately informed.

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